Monday, June 30, 2008


If you read up about what keeps couples married its
a matching of neurosis

if you read nietzsche he says once you have reached
the leave of super man your realize that what love is
is embracing that which is essentially a flaw in some one.

this movie was amazing, a lonely dirty broken robot

its sums up alot of good points on over consumption
trust in brands, the melding of brands and government.

the most important to me was the commentary on erasing
of personality, growth, and man made mistake.

i mean this new hip hop is discussing to me,

first you got rid of drums

then you got rid off writing music at all (sampling..)

now you dont even have to sing, make sure it all
sounds the same, run it through a processor
its like the high fructose corn syrup of the music
(and i know you hipsters listen/dance it it "ironically"...)

here is a lonely dirty robot who helps.

this is the vegetables of music

i love vegetables
fuck corn syrup and surf culture.

having fun killing your selfz!!!!!!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

aesthetic life

if life was pure aesthetics i would ride a nazi motorcycle and hang out with women in wigs.

Tragicly content

human condition
conditioned responses
defense mechanisms

blah blah blah

i got noting to hide from

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hemmingway fired the gun when he was young

Ive been having a increasingly more and more difficult
time discerning where i put my limits for fear and for
personal freedom. exspecially when it comes to the
opposing sex.

Do you think that Indiana Jones went around
werewoofing all night not talking to women
because of moral righteous indignation.
and had more important things to do
with his time (although he seems to
waste alot of it and money at bars)

Do you think that james joyce went around like a dog
trying to get some one just to throw a pig skin
bone at him barking away like an asshole all night?
interrupting every women with his sweaty palms
and boners

i guess im more like this man....


i guess what i really do is spend as much time as i can
doing what i know i should be doing, not fear talking
to women and not letting my self make excuses for either of them...


the drinks we drink

jordan needs a drink

and tim needs a women

and i need to do something more.

Friday, June 27, 2008

The Casual Werewoof

The Casual Werewoof is a half man half beast that
is conduced to transform not under the influence
of moonlight, but of alcohol.
His natural habitat is dive bars frequented by
young women characterized by the lack of a loving
father and low cut clothing.
He feeds on dollar beers and insecurity.
He is actually not of much danger, often he just
represses his sexual desire driving home drunk
and attacking his steering wheel
with fist.

He is the least dangerous (even though his perversions
are often a strong indication of why we are spooked by him) of then beast man genus.

Relatives are :
The Vampires of Dudebrahton
The Elves of Dateraeping Village

Thursday, June 26, 2008

the only beauty of the desert

finally the monsoons are here, the only good thing about this goddamn desert (some wild life excluded)

everyday Thor throws his pure energy down to us along with soothing cool air and water in the afternoon.
saving us from the deserted hell. his black goats disguised as coulds roll in throwing pure inspiration/destruction down every afternoon.

also today i bought a composition note book, im going to make one entry on that a day as well, it will be dedicated to my thoughts and ideas for disneyland. an imaginear companion

The Greatest Story Ever Written

a man went some where. he found something. he lost another thing.

then he felt something. It made him go some where else.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

he would of bound himself to the world of fear

i hate the god damn sun.
i hate being awake at 6am driving home
i hate the desert heat.

sun will give you cancer just for being in it lol

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

a childrens classic

" mikki, hey! mikki!!, could you help me with this chair?"

"hehe, uh huh!"

"mikki, can you move it to the center of the room?"

"sure minni!"

"no, i liked it back in the corner, please put it back mikki"

"alright minni"

"huh, well this purchase didnt fill the emptiness in my heart either...
i guess im going to have to purchase something more."

"ok, minni."

Monday, June 23, 2008

culture prison

buy your girlfriend a beautiful neckless

just choke her with bare hands.

whats different?

do you want rights or do you want jewelry?

Sunday, June 22, 2008

the sadomasochist

putting together new mikki maus release

and t-shirts

Saturday, June 21, 2008

more typical then depressing

"should i know who he is?!"

"who?, the dude who just walked in?"

"yea, every one seems to know him, should i know him?"

"do you know who Proust is?"

"no, what, who? is that his name? "

"no, the author Marcel Proust, dont you work in a book store?"

"oh yea wasnt that the guy in like little sunshine girl or whatever?"

"yea... but do you know who he is?"

"yea he was like a scholar or something, what ever i was talking real people, what the hell are you talking about idiot?!"

"nothing, ... your right, im the idiot..."

edger allan poe taught his 13 yr old wife to play the flute and algebra

he showed up to meet the president for a job interview drunk

-and all i loved, i loved alone. - edger allan poe

Friday, June 20, 2008

“drunk dad” video results 1 - 20 of about 3,280

mark twain, plato, sarte, hemmingway, einstein, etc. had it easy.

im sure they too would of spent an accidental 2 hours watching drunk fathers yell at there children
and masturbating through out the day.

"This is my dad really drunk, PWNING our chair!
Category: Comedy
Tags: Drunk Dad Chair Chuck Beer Dumbass Loser Fag Gay Bitch "

god damn it...

go get something done.

now im wondering if literature is dead...
i mean what do we do when we read a book,
look in on intimate moments of peoples life
to under stand the human condition and grow?
to gain confidence and faith in our beliefs and
selves by hearing it acted out in our consciousness?
i think i get that from cell phone videos.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

teen sweat turns to pale death

fucking saw a ghost today, in the day light with a cigarette.

brought back pain full memories and made me think of pathetic past lives people still live.

im glad i keep going forward. even if im the only one who knows it.

today i played basketball, filled out an application for a credit card, deposited a check, studied latin and japanese
bought a coffee.

what the fuck am i doing.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

calm and useless

god damn it i miss japan. look at that, they built an aquarium with 4 fucking whale sharks in it.

i could spend eternity in there alone just looking at the 73 foot window

celebrating your death

this video sums up, i think pretty well how out of place and more astute my observations are.

see while most people comment on 1:49 - 1:55. And yes, I do know notice that but its unsubtle its explicit to me.
like robin williams or something.

personally, the two parts i find most rewarding is 1:31 -1:34. Not because that girl is particularly interesting
but if you looking to the back round you will find the performer from :41 - :47 (who did absolutely nothing!)
returning to preform again!!! because he dazzled you so well the first time!

2:02 is pretty amazing too.

and the last performer seemed far to sexual

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

only one name on the door.

hidden details to complete a task

perfect and pure

there are no right answers only the best

so far to go

once in a hotel in Sicily i was sitting on the ledge of a 7 story hotel looking down at the jagged rocks below
my grandmother just got of the shower came out to me and said i looked like i was about to kill my self
i was 17 had no financial problems no point to make decisions just life
and that was what i was thinking about.
the next morning i drank blood orange juice for the first time and ate nutella on toast

Monday, June 16, 2008

for the obease vally on acid

drive another 3 hours come to tucson its better then shit springs


cali first told me about this movie, i ignored him like i ussualy do on his opinions whats does an old man have to show me

the first time i saw it was when i was living with my x girlfriend in tokyo, it was in italian in japanese subtitles
i didnt understand a fucking word but i still cried...

then i watched it again in my room at my parents house on a broken vhs player, i couldnt read the subtitles but i cried more,

then today, i saw it on the big screen as it was ment by fellinia to be seen, in all its glory

he is a beast say;s the fool!!!!!!!

you hurt the fool!!!!!!

fuck i cried so much harder

and got to drink alone while watching it

god held my hand

you know the poem footsteps?!?!

well that shit is gay

it was like that but with out the creepy monotheistic fact religious redaric

so aka not terrible lack of human


cry on the beach

thats what i do every day too

the beach represents all choices

it can be calm clear beutiful rugged harsh destroctive painful fun wet vast and small

ocean represtents options

and like zampano i sit on the beach knowing truth and beuatey crying

Sunday, June 15, 2008

our father throught in heven

I want to say thanks to my 2 gay dads, even if one dress gay and one eats like shit.
they have raised me from a naive nervous ignorant child to a naive nervous ignorant young man

serious dad always on his cell phone is the reason that i have to act out for attention.

fun dad plays dress up and lets me get away with anything as long as its tainted with the guilt of catholics

my girlfriends always want to fuck both of them more then me...


song about dads

like this

and this

washing of the sent of bad bars, and bad women

dont act like this

Saturday, June 14, 2008

over comming the oral fixations

i quit smoking
i take a weird pleasure in masochistic pain, smoking was on on a short list of things i love.
so i decided i should stop , it makes me feel very catholic .

i think being tied up and placed in a box sounds really nice, comply out of control unable to move
unaloud to make the decisions.
no anxiety
because you have no control.
most of my anxiety is lacking confidence because i have such a large amount of options.
but if some one tied me up and put me in a box i wouldnt have any options
i wouldnt have to contemplate worth depth meaning
they would be determined
i am the contents of a box, nothing more, nothing less.
you put things in box's because you want to keep them, they have determined value
maybe there not needed daily but there never forgotten.
of course a allodoxaphobic point of view is always bias

Friday, June 13, 2008

Up anchor now the captain cried, For the winter's star do appear

you could smell the whale ships from miles away

whaling would of been such a fucking awesome job.
whats ur job?
beast murderer
I fight 100 foot sea monsters by hand

then just be alone at sea for months drinking an making scrimshaw for the women you hate back home.
and are constantly trying to escape from.

I am really fascinated with the idea of back breaking labor as a job. It seems some much more nobel, pride filled, giveing life a sense of purpose.

fuck any one who feels sorry for the whales.

would you rather be right, or happy?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

"Just put your head in the lion's mouth and say, I dont know what the hell Im doing"
-joseph campbell (talking of Nietzsche's super man in relation to the eleusinian mysteries)

Not good anymore

Not beautiful

Not young

Not going to cloister away in my own brain .
If your not moving forward your falling behind.